President Climate Change Approves Cutting Down Forest

Wait a moment, I thought we were supposed to be planting lots and lots of trees in order to stop the spector of man made global warming so that the Earth cools down and the seas stop rising? Heck, there is a large part of the House AGW bill all about planting trees. No?

Jobs Trump Conservation: Timber Sale in Roadless Tongass Approved

In a roadless area of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the U.S. Forest Service has awarded the first timber sale under the new so-called Vilsack policy. Due to a series of lawsuits and conflicting court orders on the Roadless Rule, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced in May that he would personally review and approve timber sales in roadless areas across the nation.

The Orion North timber sale awarded Monday to Pacific Log and Lumber of Ketchikan will produce some 3.8 million board feet of timber from 381 acres in Thorne Arm on Revillagigedo Island near Ketchikan.

Roughly two miles of roads will be constructed to facilitate the harvest of timber for the sale, which is adjacent to Misty Fjords National Monument.

Isn’t that fabulous? 381 acres to be sold, and, oh, goody, a road will be built. Is this part of Porkulus? And, yes, this does tick me off not because I am against most of Obama’s agenda, but, because I am an environmentalist, and there are places to log, and places not to log. The Tongass National Forest is part of America’s largest temperate rain forest. Perhaps there is a reason that this 381 acres (out of 17 million) can be cut down, perhaps not.

It hasn’t made the DUmmies happy

  • Another steaming pile of environmental “fail” from the “Change” administration…
  • ObamaBS ObamaBS ObamaBS…Vilsack Is a POS! HOW Will We EVER Win?
  • **ck them for this. **ck them.
  • Have we made an ENORMOUS mistake?

The ugly comments keep going on and on and on, but, I reckon’ I can stop excerpting on that last one, eh?

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2 Responses to “President Climate Change Approves Cutting Down Forest”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach I don’t remember you saying anything during the Bush years when 100.000s of acres were logged. Why now when 381 actes are logged ? Oh because it is Obama and you must decry all things Obama

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