Obama Goes Defeatist

The Nutroots and George Soros must be so proud

AUSTIN, Texas – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama ridiculed Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday for saying Britain's decision to pull troops from Iraq is a good sign that fits with the strategy for stabilizing the country.

Obama, speaking at a massive outdoor rally in Austin, Texas, said British Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision this week to withdraw 1,600 troops is a recognition that Iraq's problems can't be solved militarily.

"Now if Tony Blair can understand that, then why can't George Bush and Dick Cheney understand that?" Obama asked thousands of supporters who gathered in the rain to hear him. "In fact, Dick Cheney said this is all part of the plan (and) it was a good thing that Tony Blair was withdrawing, even as the administration is preparing to put 20,000 more of our young men and women in.

Personally, I am getting pretty tired of explaining reality to people and rebutting these types of articles and defeatist talk. Most of you on the Right understand why the British troops were able to be pulled out of the Basra area, while 20,000+ are going in to the Baghdad area. Most on the Left either:

  1. Have no clue
  2. Don't want to have a clue
  3. Know the reality, but refuse to talk about it, using the official defeatist talking points instead
  4. Know the reality, but are convincing themselves otherwise, and won't talk about the reality. Ever.

When talking about the Left, it is like listening to people who have been brainwashed. Conditioned. Indoctrinated. Like the whole "there was no link between 9/11 and Iraq." They made that one up. No one on the Right ever said there was. There was a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda pre 9/11, going back into the 1990's. But, no one has said there was any link between 9/11 and Iraq, except on the left. What there was was…..ah, the hell with it. If you do not know by now, see the list above.

Anyho, Obama seems to be getting a bit big for his britches, having been in Congress only since 2004. What are his plans for Iraq and protecting the United States? If elected, would he continue to fight the enemy overseas, or do like so many other liberals say the will do, and work to only protect our infrastructure, meaning that the terrorists are being allowed into our country?

Obama really should watch out: the major reason he is so popular is because the Nutroots and hard left base do. Not. Like. Hillary. This explains the popularity of John "Breck Girl" Edwards, as well. There may very well come a point when those on the left realize that there is a better candidate out there, one more electable, and jump ship. Say, someone like Bill Richardson. Heck, I say, bring Hillary on. She is very polarizing, and polls highly negative with the Democrats own base. Would make it even easier for a Republican to win in 2008.

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2 Responses to “Obama Goes Defeatist”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Let me get this right WT and fellow patriots…Senator’s Hillary Rodham Clampit ‘Polyester Pantsuit’ Clinton, and two year boy wonder Barack HUSSEIN ‘Simba’ Obama…want to have chat sessions and dialog with throat cutting and beheading homicide bombers? OK…..I think I get it RIGHT now! I just have to decide on, along with my Death Star II crewmembers, whether to back RUDY or MITT or both! I viewed Mitt’s accomplishments as governor in pathetic Tax A Choo Setts – Kennedyville CCCP – and I would trust my country’s security with Mitt or Rudy. Rudy saw, tasted and smelled what 19 radical Islamomaniacs did to HIS World Trade Center Twin Towers and Liberty Plaza on 9-11-01 from 08:48 – 10:30 a.m., and memories last a lifetime. Rudy went to HUNDREDS of funerals too, and Hillary NOT one…Yeah – IF the ‘Beast of the East’ is a New Yorker….. so is Osama bin Laden! Have a grrreat weekend patriots. Happy Birthday President George Washington – Father of Our Country!

  2. Carl says:

    Obama goes defeatist? And is anyone surprised at this?

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