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…is a field that is ripe to be replaced with wind turbines, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on Trump having a point on Sweden.

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‘Climate Change’ Could Bring Fish Wars!

No, this is not a new series on Discovery Channel, it’s yet another insane prognostication from the Cult of Climastrology, which is about as lucid and reasonable as Sharknado

Global ‘fish wars’ could break out as climate change and rising nationalism fuel competition for world’s oceans

The twin threats of climate change and growing nationalism could lead to an outbreak of conflicts over fish stocks – like the infamous Cod Wars between the UK and Iceland – that could threaten the global supply of food and “decimate” marine ecosystems, experts have warned.

Speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting in Boston on Thursday, a panel of experts said that with the right management and international co-operation the number of fish in the sea and the amount caught by fishing fleets could increase over the coming decades.

However, they warned rising temperatures were prompting many species to move to different parts of the sea, which could threaten some individual countries’ economies and access to food.

And this, fuelled by the growth in nationalist sentiments, could see a new “era of fish wars” as countries compete for stocks.

Did you see catch it? Second paragraph. Yet another call for more Big Governmental control. This is always their response.

What they’re doing here is merging two issues into one in order to prop up globalism, increase international government, and push Hotcoldwetdry. As to the last, they conveniently forget that the climate is always changing. Fish do not care. They do their thing, like they always have.

Fish wars. Good grief.

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Trump, A Critic Of Obama Playing Golf, Plays Golf Or Something

We now have the first official Credentialed Media complaint of Trump playing golf because he noted Obama playing golf. This is yet another reason why we say the media has an agenda

Trump, a frequent critic of Obama’s golfing, played 18 holes Sunday with Rory MclIroy

President Trump, who pledged as candidate to limit his golfing to when it was also conducive to conducting business, enjoyed a full round Sunday with Rory McIlroy, one of the best players in the world, a spokeswoman said Monday.

McIlroy rode in the cart for all 18 holes with the president at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., according to No Laying Up, a golfing publication, which also quoted MclIroy saying that Trump “probably shot around 80. He’s a decent player for a guy in his 70’s!”

Trump may have made that pledge, but, I can’t find it anywhere. I see one where he stated he wouldn’t take any big vacations, but, nothing about golf.

As a candidate, Trump often criticized President Barack Obama for his frequent golfing, claiming that Obama played more often than professionals.

“While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government!” Trump said on Twitter last year, referring to the Transportation Security Administration. “Airports a total disaster!”

Trump has also said that he would only play with world leaders and other people with whom he was seeking to make deals. He did that last weekend in Florida with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — an outing the press was not allowed to witness.

Again, I cannot find that pledge. Regardless, what we have here is a typical media shot at a Republican, in this case Trump, which they wouldn’t take at Obama.

The complaint about Obama playing golf mostly wasn’t aimed at Obama: heck, it would have been better if he spent all his time on the golf course and away from ruining the country. The meme started out over media complaints about President George W Bush playing golf with big things happening in the world, yet, the media had no problem with Obama doing the same. In fact, they constantly either ignored the issue or attempted to defend Obama.

Of course, Bush never did something like come off the golf course to make a brief, disengaged statement when an American, James Foley, had been beheaded by Islamic terrorists, then went on to hit the links. He hit the links after the Berlin attack. After a briefing on the horrendous Louisiana floods. During crisis, he spent a lot of time playing golf and fundraising.

Obama played 306 rounds of golf during his eight years. Trump has a long way to catch up. And, if Trump plays while a crisis unfolds, he deserves a large heaping of abuse. You can bet, though, that the media will suddenly have a renewed interest in the time POTUS spends taking a break to play golf.

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Trump Is Supposedly Ready To Kill Off Obama ‘Climate” And Water Regulations

Trump made many promises on rolling back may Obama regulations regarding ‘climate change’ and that stymie domestic energy production. Washington Post writers Juliet Eilperin and Steve Mufson trot out a story based on discussions with, you got it, anonymous sources on what these roll-backs will be, which seem rather legit. Though, of course, painted with an “OMG, doom!” brush

President Trump is preparing executive orders aimed at reversing Obama-era policies on climate and water pollution, according to individuals briefed on the measures.

While both directives will take time to implement, they will send an unmistakable signal that the new administration is determined to promote fossil-fuel production and economic activity even when those activities collide with some environmental safeguards. Individuals familiar with the proposals asked for anonymity to describe them in advance of their announcement, which could come as soon as this week.

People who are out of a job or are making low wages because nothing else is available aren’t too concerned with reducing a bit of carbon dioxide, which, really, has little to do with environmental health in Reality Land.

One executive order, aimed at bolstering American energy independence, will instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to begin rewriting the 2015 regulation that limits greenhouse-gas emissions from existing electric utilities. It also instructs the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to lift a moratorium on federal coal leasing.

The first sounds like the Clean Power Plan, which Trump vowed to kill off. It was placed on hold by a federal judge pending court litigation

A second order will instruct the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to revamp a 2015 rule, known as the Waters of the United States rule, that applies to 60 percent of the water bodies in the country. That regulation — issued under the 1972 Clean Water Act, which gives the federal government authority over not only major water bodies but also the wetlands, rivers and streams that feed into them — restricts development as well as some farming operations on the grounds that these activities could pollute the smaller or intermittent bodies of water or choke them off altogether.

The rule itself has also already been halted by a federal court after the Obama EPA was sued by cities, states, and individuals, at least until such time as it could be argued in court. The EPA initially stated this would be no big deal, it wouldn’t encroach on farmers, ranchers, private citizens, private and government projects. In fact, they objected so much that you could be sure this was a massive power grab. Do you have an area on your property that ponds or creates a stream after it rains? The EPA would now have control of your land. It’s beyond even the normal federal agency overreach. Rather than reiterate all the problems, read this Daren Bakst article.

If this happens, it is a good start. These rules represent a massive shift in power from the private sector, the cities, counties, and states to the federal government, and, particularly, the EPA. There are more than enough rules on water rights that make the Waters of the U.S. rule unnecessary.

Hopefully, next up will be the demolishing of America’s involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement, which is really Obama’s involvement forcing Everyone Else to be a part.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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If All You See…

…are horrible boots made from evil cows which cause the world to burn, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post on the elites revolting.

I forgot to mention that it’s country girl week.

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Trump To Give Travel Ban Blocking Islamists A Second Try

I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a breakout of Apoplexy Level 10 in Liberal World yet

(Fox News) President Trump’s revised travel ban targets the same seven countries listed in his original executive order and exempts travelers who already have a visa to travel to the U.S., even if they haven’t used it yet.

A senior White House official said the order will target only those same seven Muslim-majority nations, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya. Trump was forced to come up with a second order after federal courts held up his original immigration and refugee ban. The official said the order could come sometime this week.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the order before it’s made public, said that green-card holders and dual citizens of the U.S. and any of those countries are exempt. The new draft also no longer directs authorities to single out — and reject — Syrian refugees when processing new visa applications.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the version being circulated was a draft and the final version should be released soon. The Wall Street Journal also reported that the current draft of the revised order focused on the seven countries but excluded those with green cards.

Of course, once it actually is released, there will be a meltdown among those who, for some reason, think that bringing in people from areas known to be hotbeds for Islamic extremism, who have values 180 degrees from those Democrats say they support, is a great thing. People who cannot be properly vetted.

Here’s an idea: let’s send all of them to heavily Democratic voting areas, especially near where Democratic politicians and the rich donors live. You can bet there will be lots of Excusemaking for why the refugees should be settled elsewhere.

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De Blasio Threatens Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Perhaps NY City mayor Bill de Blasio should shut down all the pipelines in his city. And stop using fossil fuels himself

(Daily Caller) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened Wells Fargo bank for its investment in the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

In a February 17 letter to Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan, de Blasio said he wanted to “express my deep concern about your involvement, and the involvement of other banks, in financing the Dakota Access Pipeline,” noting his concern is partly based on being a Mayor of a “coastal city threatened by climate change.”

De Blasio claimed the pipeline would violate “human and tribal rights of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation” and would have “negative environmental consequences” to the land and water of the area.

“As someone with a leadership role in funds that are long-term investors in shares of your bank, I am profoundly troubled by the risks you are taking by involving your institution in this controversial project,” the liberal mayor of New York wrote. “Beyond the potential direct financial costs to the bank if Energy Transfer Partners is unable to repay the financing you have provided for the pipeline, I am apprehensive about the risks to your reputation.”

De Blasio goes on to note multiple times that he’s in charge of all the investments for NYC assets that pay for benefits for active and retired NYC employees. De Blasio is very upset that Trump may withhold funding due to NYC being a sanctuary city, but, de Blasio is refusing to back down, and has slammed Trump for these threats. Yet, here’s de Blasio threatening Wells Fargo, a private company for doing something he doesn’t like, something which is entirely within the law.

As for NYC being threatened by ‘climate change’, it’s a fallacy, and the city has much more things to worry about. But, hey, if Bill is so concerned, why doesn’t he block the use of all fossil fueled vehicles other than public transportation? Why doesn’t he show us the way and stop using his own limos? He can turn the AC up to 85 and the heat down to 58. Impose a carbon tax in the city. Obviously, he won’t do any of those things, because it would kill business and raise costs to his voters (beyond the already massive cost of living). Plus, he himself surely doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by practicing what he preaches.

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Sanctuary Cities Could See Their Transportation Projects Caught In The Crossfire

There are penalties for violating federal law on a subject that the federal government is tasked with per the Constitution

(Politico) A tunnel under New York’s Hudson River may be imperiled. In Los Angeles, millions of dollars could be at stake for port improvements. And other communities’ hopes for major transportation projects could be caught in the crossfire as President Donald Trump threatens to strip federal funding from “sanctuary cities” that defy his immigration policies.

Considering that Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., have all declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, Trump’s reprisals could end up canceling or delaying major infrastructure projects in some of the nation’s most congested areas — even as the administration touts a $1 trillion proposal to rebuild the United States’ roads, railroads, bridges and airports.

Trump issued an executive order last month that declares a “policy” of blocking federal funds for cities, states and other jurisdictions that refuse to provide information and assistance to federal immigration authorities. That puts potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on the chopping block, and transportation advocates say the damage could extend far beyond Trump’s intended targets.

“Wouldn’t punishing a city with a loss of transit funding have deleterious effects on an entire region?” asked Steve Davis, communications director for the advocacy group Transportation for America. “D.C. for example — if the District lost transportation funding, wouldn’t Prince William or other outlying counties pay part of the price too in congestion, lost productivity and economic turmoil?”

There’s an easy solution to this: stop being sanctuary cities. Stop sheltering those who are unlawfully present in the country. Cooperate with federal authorities when it comes to illegal aliens. Leftists claim to love the federal government, yet, when federal law goes against their predilection for illegal aliens, even those who are stone cold felons such as child molestation, they want to defy the federal government. The Constitution gives the Congress the power duty to protect our borders.

Many liberal cities and counties have recently changed their tune, such as Miami. Whether they’ve only rescinded their policies in name only and will continue the actual practices remains to be seen. Yet, this is the right path. The rest should think long on whether they should continue protecting illegal aliens who usually end up in police stations because they’ve broken the law.

Nor is it out of bounds for a president and/or Congress to threaten to withhold funding. They do it all the time. They’ve done it on highway funding, especially regarding things like lowering the speed limit to 55, legal drinking age, and the use of seat belts.

Interestingly, Team Obama threatened to withhold funding to schools and even North Carolina if they didn’t allow men who felt they were women to use girls bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. Where was the media outrage over this strong-arm tactic which would violate the privacy and sanctity of women and girls? Those threats were outside the norm, and not in line with the Constitution. Withholding funding for cities and counties that refuse to obey Constitutional federal law is well within the purview of the federal government.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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Horrific News: GOP Wants NASA To Focus On Space Instead Of ‘Climate Change’

Have you ever heard something so horrible?

Republicans Find Another Way To Derail Climate Change Fight

Republican lawmakers seem to have found yet another way to undermine the battle against climate change.

GOP members of Congress and officials with President Donald Trump’s administration want to shift NASA’s mission away from climate change research to focus exclusively on space exploration, according to a report in E&E News. Representative Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, told E&E that he wants to “rebalance” NASA’s assigned duties since President Barack Obama’s administration cut funds for deep space exploration.

“Our weather satellites have been an immense help, for example, and that’s from NASA, but I’d like for us to remember what our priorities are, and there are another dozen agencies that study earth science and climate change, and they can continue to do that,” said Smith, a Republican from Texas. “Meanwhile, we have only one agency that engages in space exploration, and they need every dollar they can muster for space exploration.”

How terrible! How will those dozen agencies survive without one more replicating their (fabricated) data?

A case can be made both for and against NASA doing research into the climate, as we look at the original legislation that created the agency. Regardless of any arguments, the problem here is, first, that so many other agencies do the same research.

Secondly, what’s happened within NASA is that it has become pseudo-religious in it’s pursuit of pushing anthropogenic climate change while minimizing the aeronautical and space research it was tasked with performing.

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If All You See…

…is a wonderful greenspace perfect for solar panels, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Just One Minute, with a post on the “loyal opposition.”

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