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Surprise: Many In 1st World Do Not Care About Trump’s “Sh*thole” Remark

First off, the “shithole” remark is basically a he said/she said thing. Many claim Trump said it, many said he didn’t. And, really, the more the media and Democrats run with this, the chance for some sort of fix for the Dreamers keeps going down. But, what about around the rest of the 1st world? […]

MFGA: France Is Cracking Down On Illegal Aliens

Make France Great Again doesn’t have quite the same ring for the acronym as MAGA, but, it’s the thought that really counts, right? (Daily Republic) It’s getting colder, the clock is ticking and regional authorities are scrambling to meet President Emmanuel Macron’s deadline: get migrants off France’s streets and out of forest hideouts by year’s […]

Bombing On London Subway Being Treated As Terrorist Attack

This has all the hallmarks of an Islamist attack (Daily Mail) A ‘bucket bomb’ has exploded on Tube train at the height of rush hour today sending a ‘wall of fire’ through the carriage injuring at least 20 people including children in a suspected terror attack. Terrified passengers ‘ran for their lives’ and were seen […]

Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings

But, you know what’s more important to the British police? Mean words on social media. First, this Slavery 'affecting every city' in UK — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) August 10, 2017 The BBC tries to dink and dunk around the subject, but, a goodly chunk of those running slavery rings are Islamists. Not all, […]

Post-Brexit, EU Debated The Important Issues. Like Weeds

The big shots in the European Union are renowned for getting involved in all manners of tiny issues, attempting to put their stamp of Governmental Control on just about everything. They’ve implemented controls on TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, and vacuums, among others. Recently, they were coming after tea kettles, toasters, and other small household appliances, […]

In Scotland, Trump Hails Britain Leaving The EU

In case you missed it, Brits voted to leave the European Union, what was called BrExit, by a margin of 51.9% to 48.1%. The UK Telegraph has an interesting breakdown of the vote by UK nation and area. Now, many wondered why Donald Trump would take a few days in the middle of a campaign […]

Letter Offers Best Argument For Brexit Leave

The UK Telegraph published quite a few letters, most of which were in favor of Leave, as in, leaving the European Union. This one should have been the lead SIR – It grieves me that politicians and academic colleagues among the Remainers prefer the arguments of financial gain to the principles of freedom, independence and self-government […]

Surprise: German Secret Service Have Received 100 Tips About ISIS Embedded With “Refugees”

This is all working so well. “Refugees”, comprised primarily of young fighting age men, stream into Europe. Idiots get all teary eyed about their plight and welcome them with open arms (but not open homes, because they aren’t that stupid). The refugees sexually abuse and rape women. They deface property. They poop in public pools. […]

Fish Wrap: Refugees Are A Total Boon For Europe

I would have ended that headline with “Or Something”, but I did that in the previous post. The NY Times Editorial Board does think all these refugees out of war-torn Syria are super awesome, though Europe Should See Refugees as a Boon, Not a Burden Many European leaders have described the refugees who are risking […]

Prince Charles: U.K. Muslims In U.K. Should Live By U.K. Values

Yes, yes, when it comes to “climate change”, Prince Charles is a complete boob, and a major hypocrite. That in no way means that he isn’t correct on other subjects. He’s a big supporter of the U.K. military, and apparently not a big fan of Muslims being radicalized. Of course, his words are considered “controversial” […]

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