Finally Back On-line

It looked to me like a DOS attack yesterday based on some data I looked at. Couldn’t get into the SQL database, which meant no website. But, email and FTP worked.

Then I changed my password, and it meant I was down longer. Sigh. Big super long thank goodness I wrote it down password now.

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Comment by gitarcarver
2012-11-21 11:14:31

Dang Teach. Sorry to hear that but glad you are back.

Was the DOS attack directed at you? Or your hosting company?

Anyways, I am glad you’re back you ol’ scallywag.


Comment by William Teach
2012-11-21 11:43:28

If it was a DOS (there’s always the possibility it was unintentional, as I was getting tons of spam lately) , directed at this site and not Dreamhost. The URL I have for my test site and Gallery site were completely unaffected, same with webmail which uses the piratescove address.

Comment by gitarcarver
2012-11-21 12:53:54

Wow. You must have ticked off a lot of hot/warm/cool/cold/weather/climate people. 😉

Glad that you are back and looking spiffy.

If I don’t “see” you, have a great Thanksgiving my friend.


Comment by William Teach
2012-11-21 13:29:53

You have a fantastic Thanksgiving too, GT!

It could have been Islamists. I’ve had it happen before.

Comment by gitarcarver
2012-11-21 18:16:45

It looked to me like it happened again this afternoon.

Glad you are back though.

Comment by William Teach
2012-11-21 20:25:13

Yeah, it did. I went and blacklisted a few IPs that Dreamhost sent my way using the htaccess file. Was at work and had to download an app to give me access to the blog folders. Came back up shortly after.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-22 00:12:35

crap.. back online. Welp, guess that means we have to put up with silly racist little basement-dwelling john again (still).


Comment by William Teach
2012-11-22 10:44:55

He’s around somewhere….heh, maybe it was him?

Comment by William Teach
2012-11-22 10:45:21

PS: That’s a joke, John. I sincerely enjoy you coming by.

Comment by Kevin
2012-11-22 12:07:50

Hmm. The comments bring up a good idea. Why aren’t we calling the global warming alarmists ‘global warming jihadists’ or something like that? They certainly want to destroy our way of life and send us back to the stone age just like jihadis…

Comment by William Teach
2012-11-22 12:12:58

Hmm, that is a good idea. I’m going to have to steal that starting with my next AGW post.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-22 20:06:01

now now.. don’t be racist

Comment by gitarcarver
2012-11-22 20:37:27

Just so you know Teach, my ISP is holding a sale for 50% off orders. There doesn’t seem to be any catches to it and it looks like the deal runs in perpetuity.

I think they are the same or cheaper than your host and I know that 50% off is cheaper.

It may be something to take a look at.

The deal is a “Black Friday” deal.

See ya


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