2009 Weblog Awards Are Up, How About Helping A Pirate Out? (Sticky Post)

Yes, it is that time of the year, the Weblog Awards! Somehow I managed to get a Technorati Authority rating of 551, putting me in the Best Very Large Blog (Authority between 501 and 700) category.

So, if everyone could click the above link, find the green circle with the white plus sign in the middle, then click it! They want fewer of the “me too!” type comments this year.

Bribes are offered, BTW

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Comment by Maggie Mama
2009-11-09 09:53:59

Congrats! Delighted to cast my vote for you!

Comment by Maggie Mama
2009-11-09 10:00:08

p.s. Can I get one of those yummy cupcakes now? ? ? ?

Comment by christmasghost
2009-11-09 15:53:55

Did it! Good luck…hope you win!

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-09 17:49:09

Thanks, folks!

Where should I sent the cup cakes? :)

Comment by Nice Deb
2009-11-09 21:08:36

Okay, I voted you up, now you have to do the same for me.

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-09 21:17:43

Thank you, Deb!

I went ahead and nominated you in the same category.

Comment by Nice Deb
2009-11-09 21:34:13

How the heck did we go from small blog to very large blog?

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-09 22:26:28

I’ve tried reading and understanding how it all works, but, I think Technorati keeps some of it secret so people do not spoof it like with the old Ecosphere. You get a ton of links from Michelle Malkin on her asides, and we both cover lots of stuff that is trending.

From the others being nominated, looks like a bunch of other folks who had been lower on the Technorati scale jumped up, too.

Comment by Nice Deb
2009-11-10 00:38:05

That makes sense. Thanks for the nomination, btw. Looks like another blogwar is our near futures.

Comment by TFMo
2009-11-10 04:12:56

Don’t let him fool you, Deb. It’s my awesome cartoons.

Comment by Bob Belvedere
2009-11-11 00:40:18

Done, with pleasure.

Comment by Matthew
2009-11-11 01:28:38


Comment by Trish
2009-11-11 08:09:45

Nominated you Teach!

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-11 09:02:56

Thanks, All!

I clicked on upding button for you too, Matthew, along with Nice Deb’s.

Comment by TFMo
2009-11-11 16:57:58

Clickities for you, Teach, and for You, Deb!

In lieu of piratey cupcakes, how’s about posting a few of my cartoons? Wink nudge poke bludgeon.

Comment by TFMo
2009-11-11 17:18:40

Oh, got some clickity goodness for you too, Matthew!

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-11 19:28:34

Can do, TFMo. Been so darn busy lately at work with the Christmas season coming, my posting and cruising, not too mention commenting, has been way down.

Comment by TFMo
2009-11-11 23:20:04

Sweet! Feel free to browse and snatch!


Comment by TFMo
2009-11-11 23:23:08

You might particularly like this one…I put this one out a bit before the first Chuckie cartoon, so it didn’t get much notice.


Comment by Bob Belvedere
2009-11-12 18:23:53

Teach: I think I’ve offered a better bribe.

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-12 19:09:29

Thanks, Bob!


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